Resume Tracker

You can track what’s happening to your resume using this simple tool.

Please note the following:

  • This tool isn’t any panacea. It can’t help you in all situations.
  • Quality of results you get from this tool depends on you: how well you prepare links within your text.
  • Don’t be discuraged if you don’t receive tracking email for each your application. According to general statistics, 80% resumes left unopened, and of course nobody guarantees that recruiter is interested in additional information about you. Try cats / koala / capybara images, probably they attract more clicks.

How it works in short words:

  • You add external links to your resume text.
  • When recruiter clicks the link, you get email.

How to use, in details:

  1. You add external links into the text of your CV, as many as possible, and they must be interesting for recruiters, they must call to action. For example, link to your LinkedIn profile, XING profile, Facebook. Links to your GitHub, or to web projects, galleries, portfolio, everything. To add a link using MS Word:
    • select text to be highlighted as link (blue underlined), or choose picture,
    • press right mouse button,
    • choose Hyperlink in the context menu
    • enter the URL in the bottom filed named address, for example you enter
    • press OK
    • please ensure it works, i.e. Ctrl+Click on this blue text will drive you to the intended web page.
  2. Then, you replace all (or some) URLs pointing to these external resources with the the following string:
    •<place in resume>&resume=<name of resume>&userid=<your ID>&url=<your URL>
    • <your URL> – is the link to the resource you are replacing.
    • <name of resume> – name of the file, or number of version, or any other identifier of the file you use, or if you prepared it for a company, then name of the company (with no blanks), for example, &tag=Adidas.
    • <place in resume> – some name (with no blanks inside) you give to particular link within your resume. For example, &resume=LI_profile.
    • <your ID> – by now this is the secred word we give you for testing – use contact form of this website to obtain it. It is replaced with your email address internally, so recruiter doesn’t aware. For example, &userid=YYY.
    • Example of the new string:
  3. To replace link using MS Word, press right button and then choose Change Hyperlink. To ensure it works, you can try it in browser before change.
  4. Now, you generate .PDF out of your CV, or use .doc file, whatever.
    • Why PDF is preferred? Because recruiter can’t change it.
  5. Please test document and tracker. To do so, open PDF, then click each link and ensure it ended up at the expected web page or file. Wait for 5 minutes and ensure that you receive as many emails into your mailbox as you clicked. If no emails in mailbox, check spam mailbox. If still nothing, drop us a note via contact form (link below).
  6. So, now you use this resume file to apply a job. You can tailor links for each application (for example, changing resume ID), but it’s time consuming process.
  7. What happens next? If recruiter is interested in any of the links included into your file, and clicks it, this click will be passed through the website, it immediately redirects to desired page <your URL>, so recruiter just notices small delay. At the same time, email will be sent to you. It includes identification of IP address of the recruiter and exact place <place in resume> where he clicked in your resume <name of your resume>.

Any suggestions welcome.

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