What’s going on here

Legal Topics


For this web site, we use ready module for login and share (Super Socializer by Indian company Heateor). The module requires some surpluss permissions (such as post comments for you etc.). We would be happy to limit the information we receive from systems, however it is transferred and stored in the internal database of WordPress.

You should use external login systems, including standard WordPress authentification. This allows us to improve security of your data: these external systems are responsible for protecting you. As for example, you login with Facebook credentials, and Facebook is fully responsible for your data. We take email address and your name only, as it will be required for future notifications to you. Fortunately, passwords are not provided by external services, and therefore not stored in our system. But we must inform you that your email and name can be found in local database, therefore only master password of administrator protects it.

Sorry for that. Maybe later we will find other solution.

While we have name and email, we use them to inform you about reviews (when 1st and 5th reviews are done). This is the only case where data is used.

Resume files

We call you to remove all your personal information from resumes loaded. Despite the fact that names of files are changed, there direct access to files still possible. Anyway, your reviewer is choosen randomly, and it would be better for you if you remove (mask) email, telephone and at least last name.

When you load new version of resume the old file is deleted. There is no way to delete your latest resume at the moment.

Logical Topics

Your Resume

Resume is usually PDF file which is sent by you to the company as your agent, or representative. This document is the only chance for you to overcome the first berrier to the new job – Recruiter, and probably his friend Robot.

Therefore, your resume should be bright, shining like diamond to be visible and to attract attention. In the modern world this can be achieved only by text modification, so you need in high quality text content and format.

We accept PDFs in the same format as they would be presented to Recruiter.

Your 1st action in the system is your resume load. There are three additional fields in resume load form:

  • Language – this field is used to present your resume to the users who speak this language (see Profile). So, it doesn’t matter what country you applies. Language is the language of text you loaded.
  • Job role – the text string describing your vision of the job positions you would apply using this resume.
  • Country – is used together with salary field.
  • Salary –  your assumption regarding salary. Reviewer of your resume can provide you feedback based on your resume, is it worth these money? You enter salary as gross amount per year in the currency of the country you apply to.

Your Profile

This basic information is required for searching of resumes loaded in the system. You can review only the following resumes:

  • Language of resume = language of your profile
  • Profession of resume owner = your profession in your profile
  • Job Level of resume owner is the same or lower than yours

Therefore you can’t review resumes if you didn’t fill in all the data. Of coourse, if all the loaded resumes already reviewed several times, you will not see them as well.

Reviews of your resume

All the reviews of your loaded PDF are on one page. There could be nothing or up to 5 reviews. Each review is prepared by different user whoms profile was matched.

Read each report carefully, and think about all suggestions. Apply changes if you are sure. Rememeber, your reviewers are professionals in the same profession as yours, they arn’t recruiters or HRs.

If you need in the review for further use, copy-paste text from the page.

When you upload new version of resume, all previous reviews are lost.

Please help your colleagues to earn couns! Vote for the quality of the review choosing options at the bottom of the review and pressing Sumbit.

You review

If system finds relevant resumes for your review, it picks up randon one and present to you. Open PDF file in the other tab (default), read it and carefully answer the questions. Some of them mandatory, but it would be better if you fill in all responses as detailed as possible (why? see next section).

Please use your own language (=language of resume) to write the text of review.

You can review as much resumes as you wish.


Coins is the internal currency. To load new version of your resume, you need to spend 20 coins. Where you earn coins then? There are 2 resources:

  • If your review was helpful to the owner of the resume, he presses the evaluation button and you get or loose some coins:
    • Helpful: gives you +10 coins, or 0 if it was not helpful.
    • If you did your best, you get additional +5 coins
    • If owner thinks that  you wrote a nonsence, or mess, you can be deducted by -5 coins

So, in your best case you get 15 more coins for review, and in worst case you loose 5.

  • You can share link to this web site. When you press an icon of your lovely social network below, you can notice that at the end of site name ref=<something> is added. This is your internal ID. If the new user will come to the system using this link, and he (some time later) provides a review that is helpful, you earn 5 coins.

Questions? Use feedback form in the footer to contact web site owners.

Invite friends with referral ID and earn more Coins