War against Machines

We are already at war. Robots occupied first line of defence in companies. They protect Human Resource from crowds of skilled employees who want to get advertized job.

These robots filter out your opus in case if at least one secret keyword is not presented in the right sentence. We do not know exact algorithm, however, we can propose three solutions that work.

  1. Test your resume several times using trial versions of these robots. For example, here you can find a review of existing systems, if you are courious. All these systems are not ideal, and unfortunately any creativity in your resume design makes it unclear for robot, therefore it will be thrown out to trash bin at the initial stage. So, find 3-4 free or trial online systems and re-write – upload your text while it reflects the picture of you, your experience, and your skills more or less correctly. You can start searching using these keywords. One of free systems is located here.
  2. Copy job description from the advertisement text directly into your resume (make font small, white on white and save in PDF). It seems like the right way for inclusion of all the keywords.
  3. Contact the manager who are searching this employee – your potential boss – find him at LinkedIn or Facebook. This is the most difficult but the most effective way to leave robots and recruiters aside.

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